1. FREE On-Line Training

Training: We've developed a FREE online training program that is easy to complete. It introduces agents to our robust (and varied) portfolio of vacation properties and provides many PDF resources and videos for you to use and to share with clients.

  2. Sign-Up and Send emails using Ad Valise. It is FREE.

FREE Advertising Support with Ad Valise: We've developed ads that sell! The ads are already created in our Ad Valise. All you have to do is sign up, customize the message with your name and logo and email the ad to your clients instantly.

  3. Register your IATA number and W-9 and
get started booking.

Commissions: with no limits or tiers!
We've established an easy protocol for registering your IATA number with Forever Resorts so your commission checks are processed with speed and efficiency. Or, Forever Resorts will give you a booking number to get started.




Travel-Forever has created ads that you can easily send to your clients via email:
• Leisure
• Group planners
• Corporate meeting planners


Download, complete and send in appropriate forms: W2 | W8 | W9

Send forms to RENEA DELGADO:

Phone: 480-998-7199 x4400 (USA/MST)
Fax: 480-998-9965


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